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    calculating volume from w%

    I have a 1% w DMG solution. Now in an analysis I need to use 0.178g DMG. How can I calculate what volume of solution contains that much of DMG? Density of the alcohol is 0.79 g/ml. Is it possible to calculate the vol of the solution from here?
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    Constant volume combustion

    I am in the process of designing a new engine and would like to get a ball park estimate of the combustion process before building the first prototype. One of the design features of the engine is true constant volume combustion. From the limited research I have performed, it seems most assume...
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    Formula for correcting ABV (Alcohol by volume)

    Hi, can anyone help me find formula, which would correct ABV, that is measured by alcoholmeter, which is calibrated for 20°C, but the mixture has different temperature? I want to implement this calculation into program so I can not use alcoholometric tables. I know this formula for density of...
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    Calculating PV work done at atmospheric pressure?

    I need some help figuring out this problem. This is the original problem: How much PV work is done in kilojoules for the reaction of 3.74 mol of H2 with 1.87 mol of O2 at atmospheric pressure if the volume change is −23.9L? And we are given this reaction: The reaction between hydrogen and...
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    How can you determine the mass, volume, or moles?

    I had a quiz today, and had no idea what the instructor expected us to do based off the information given. I'm trying to figure out how we were supposed to get the mass, volume, or moles to help solve the problems. I don't want any answers, just advice on how to use the information to get me to...
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    Calculate volume of H2O2

    A student needs to prepare 50.0 mL of 1.00 M aqueous H2O2 solution. Calculate the volume of 5.1 M H2O2 stock solution that should be used.
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    Volume of gasses produced in electrolysis

    After electrolysis of sodium nitrate aqueous solution the mass fraction of sodium nitrate was 60%. The mass fraction of sodium nitrate before electrolysis was 40%. What is the overall volume of gasses produced during the electrolysis at temperature of 20°C and pressure of 99.8 kPa? I don't know...
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    Calculations involving moles and percentage yield

    Hello all! I'm just starting out on chemistry and I don't even know where I would begin with these questions: What volume of a 2.40 mol/L magnesium bromide solution would contain 3.40 x 10^23 atoms of bromine? The reaction of 2.0g of Br2 with 4.0g of F2 produced BeF5 in 45% yield. How many...
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    chemistry concentration and volume

    Please help. I haven't taken physical chemistry yet (that's next term) but I am required to use that knowledge for something I'm doing now. I am supposed to design an experiment and it requires that I know c1v1=c2v2 but it totally isn't working for me. I must be missing something big...
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    Simple Change in Molar Volume Question

    Hi, The question states: "Calculate the change in molar volume for the reaction of corundum (Al_2O_3) in liquid water to from gibbsite (Al(OH)_3). My question would be, is when I look at the table that was provided, (Al(OH)_3) is listed in aquas form but does not list a molar volume. But if I...
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    Calculate volume of HCl needed to change buffer pH by 1 unit???

    How do you calculate the amount of HCl needed to change the pH of a NH3/NH4+ buffer by 1 unit? There was 100mL of NH3 2M and 10.698g of NH4 0.5M and then this was mixed with 400mL of water to make 500mL buffer solution. Only 80mL of this was used for each trial. HCl was 1M. Starting pH was...
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    Density of a Mass vs. Volume Graph

    Question: A student collected four different samples of a substance and generated a Mass vs. Volume graph. What is the density of the student's sample? When the samples are graphed, the graph indicates: y = 0.784x. Is the density the same as the slope? Therefore, would the density be 0.784...
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    Given moles, reaction, and Kc, calculate equilibrium concent'n at a different volume

    For the reaction i2 + BR2 = 2IBr Kc= 280 Suppose that 0.460 mol IBr is allowed to reach equilibrium in a 2.00 L flask... 1. What is the equilibrium concentration of IBr? 2. What is the equilibrium concentration of I2? 3. What is the equilibrium concentration of Br2? I've seriously spent about...
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    Variation of temperature versus volume of a fixed amount of gas

    .. at constant pressure. So to prove that volume increases as the temperature is increased in a constant pressure, our book states the activity: Get two vessels filled with cold water and hot water. Insert a bottle covered with an unblown balloon observe the changes. So here it is...
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    Pipet drop volume?

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    Volume problem

    A mass of mercury occupies 0.95o L. What volume would an equal mass of ethanol occupy? The density of mercury is 13.546 g/mL and the density of ethanol is 0.789 g/mL. A) 0.0553 L B) 0.0613 L C) 16.3 L D) 18.1 L
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    Finding the Volume of a gas (a product of a reaction)

    A reaction, 24mL of pure acetic acid and 13.7g of sodium bicarbonate were mixed. If the temperature the lab is 23.6 degrees Celcius and the atmosphereic pressure is 1.0 atm, what volume would be occupied by the CO2 produced in this reaction (in cm^3) I figured out that there is 0.163 moles of...
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    Eudiometer Volume Discrepancies

    Hi everybody, I really am having trouble with one question on my 10th grade chemistry lab. The experiment that it is about involved magnesium and hydrochloric acid. We put a chunk of magnesium in the bottom of a eudiometer tube with HCL at the top that, because it was denser than water, came...
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    Generating Power given Calorific Values & Densities

    Hi, Q: Sludge gas is 70% methane with a calorific value of 22MJ/m^3. Work out how much oxygen is required as m^3 of air to generate a 100 MWh of power if the density of the sludge gas is 1.03kg/m^3 and the density of air 1.3kg/m^3 which is also 23% by weight oxygen. This is a practice question...
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    Finding Volume

    So I'm taking an online chemistry course. I'm stuck on how to do this next practice question that was given to me. Q: Suppose yo were to conduct an experiment. You need to make 150ml. of a 0.5M ammonium hydroxide solution from an existing stock solution with a concentration of 8.5M. What volume...