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    equilibrium word problem

    H2S(g) <> 2H2(g) + S2(g) Kc = 2.4x10^-4 1.333 mol of hydrogen sulfide is placed in a 1.0L container at a constant temp. What is the concentration of H2 at equilibrium? I started by putting my values into an ICE table and then a mass action expression, but what I ended up with was...
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    Biochem I: Protease Inhibitor Word Problem

    My attempt: phenyl group: has an aromatic ring, so will fit into chymotrypsins hydrophobic active site peptide bond carbonyl replacement: by replacing the electronegative carbonyl group with, the enzyme is less able to react to remove the inhibitor. typically the protease will hydrolyze the...
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    Chemistry word problem

    Sterling silver bangles are typically composed of 90.0% silver and 10.0% copper. how many grams of bangles can one make given 92.2 gram of silver and unlimited copper? Can anyone help me and lead me in the right way