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    kinetics question - write expression for elementary reactions

    Consider the following mechanism comprised of elementary reactions: A + B -> 2C ... k1 2C -> A + B ... k-1 C + 2A -> D + A ... k2 D + B -> 3B ... k3 What is correct expression for d[B]/dt ? answer: d[B]/dt=–k1[A][B] + k-1[C]2 + 2k3[D][B]. How do you work through the problem to come up...
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    how to write the structure of cyclopentenol

    according to my textbook 2-cyclopentenol and 3-cyclopentenol each have a double bond somewhere in their rings. apparently the 2 and the 3 changes the position of the double bond because that is the only difference in the two structures. but my question is how am i susposed to know that...