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    I am teaching Technical Writing for Chemists but am not a chemist

    Hello, I'm an English teacher but I have to teach a course called Technical Writing for Chemists to undergraduate Chemistry students whose second language is English at my university in Turkey. I have to plan this class from scratch. Does anyone have suggestions for topics or texts? Should I...
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    Writing a chemical equation with polyatomics and acids

    The problems: (NH4)2S + HNO3 = ? - main problem LiHCO3 + HClO = ? - check just in case problem The attempt at a solution: I think it has to equal H2S + NH4NO3 Or H2S + NO2 + H2O I've used multiple online chemical balancing calculators and they all give me different answers. There's also...
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    Writing Chemical Formulas

    We want to combine Calcium with a positive charge of 2 and Fluorine with a negative charge. If you have Ca with a charge of 2+ and Fluorine with a negative charge, both oxidation numbers don't add to zero. If you use two F negatives, you get a result of zero, but how and why would the formula be...