2017 - Largest Fires in Chile’s History – Extract Onsite Chemicals from WoodAsh And U

Jan 2017

- We're having in Chile one of the largest fires in South American history.
- More than 1,235,527 wood acres has already been burned
- The fires aren't stopped but rather increased
- People, domestic animals and wild fauna are suffering badly
- We're a group that want's to help in the recovery of the lands that have been burned
- There're several products with industrial applications that can be extracted from Wood Ashes. For instance, Potassium Peroxide

- Our idea is to do the following onsite:
1.- Build over a truck(s) a mobile laboratory
2.- Go to the places where there's too much ashes (making the soil extremely alkaline and hard to recover)
3.- Get some of the ashes, and extract a product with industrial application that can be sold for a price that produce profitability
4.- The profits would be used for supporting the people who lost everything, helping the wildlife¡fe to recover faster and financing the project

The Question:
- Are there Wood Ash sub products that you think are suitable to be extracted on site and allow the mentioned objectives mentioned above?
- Do you know a technology to be used to do the extraction onsite?
- Do you know a chemist who could be interested to participate in the project?

Thank YOU!!!