Analytical pH help

Feb 2016
I have a really bad analytical teacher in college. She posted a quiz up that we haven't covered any of the material. I find analytical chem challenging I need resources or walkthroughs on these questions.
Question 1:Sodium acetate is a weak base. Find the pH of 0.078 M sodium acetate solution given a Kb of 5.7x10-10.

Q2: Acetic acid reacts with NaOH. At equilibrium the [CH3COOH] = 0.503 and the [CH3COO-] = 0.219
Ka = 1.75x10-5
What is the pH of this solution?

Q3: I've taken 128 mLs of acetic acid with a concentration of 0.317 mol/L and mixed it with 168 mLs of sodium acetate with a concetration of 0.437 mol/L. To this solution, I add 300 mL of 1.948 mol/L sodium hydroxide. What is the final pH of the solution?
The pKa of acetic acid is 4.76. Answer to 2 decimal places.

Q4: Ammonium(NH4+) is a weak acid. Find the pH of 0.144 M ammonium solution given a Ka of 5.7x10-10.
Hint: start by writing the Ka expression for this weak acid
Give two decimal places in your answe

Answers is a bonus but all I need is walkthroughs or websites, ways to help me work these out.