Academic Guidance Automobile and Chemistry

Nov 2019
Hi there !
My name is Moeez Ahmed. I'm from Pakistan.
I'm a car enthusiasts , i love everything about cars and love working on it.
Currently I'm doing Bachelors (4 years honors) in Chemistry, its my 3rd semester. I've studied organic,inorganic and physical chemistry in 1st,2nd and 3rd semester respectively.
I spent loads of time in searching that which branch of chemistry supports automobile and relevant stuff but still i'm unable to find one that solely deals with automobile.
Kindly guide me that what are the available options for me so that i can follow my passion along with profession.
So far available field are catalytic converters , fuels/petroleum , lubricants , paints.
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May 2017
There's not a great deal of chemistry in automobiles ... catalytic converters could be covered in one page ... fuels just burn ...