Calcium ammonium nitrate -> ammonium nitrate

Sep 2017
So a little back info first so you don't think I'm the next OKC bomber- if you love guns and target shooting as much as I do then you know what Tannerite is. For those that don't, it's a binary explosive that explodes when shot. You can buy the name brand tannerite at Cabelas but it costs a ton. The 2 components are 95% ammonium nitrate and 5% aluminum powder. AL powder is easy to come by but AN not so much anymore. The old DIY method was through cutting open cold packs but now they have switched out the AN in all brands to calcium ammonium nitrate. I came here wondering if any of you know how to break down that compound into AN and calcium so I can start making this stuff at home and stop spending so much money! Thanks in advance.