Chemical equilibria question PLS HELP

Sep 2013
Iodine is sparingly soluble in water but much more so in carbon tetrachloride (CCl4). The equilibrium constant, also called the partition coefficent, for the distribution of I2 between these two phases

I2 (aq) ⇋ I2 (CCl4)​

is 83 at 20°C. A student adds 0.030 L of CCl4 to 0.200 L of an aqueous solution containing 0.032 g I2. The mixture is shaken and the two phases are then allowed to separate. Calculate the fraction of I2 remaining in the aqueous phase.

The given answer is 0.075. How do I derive the given answer? I can't seem to get it.
May 2010
solvent extraction

convert 0.032 g to mg =32 mg
let x = conc of iodine in water phase mg /ml
32-x = conc of iodine in CCl4 phase mg/ml
Kd = 83 =32-x /30 divided by x/200
Finish it