Chemistry research paper topic.

Mar 2016
Okay, so for my technical writing class I have to write a research paper on a chemistry topic/method/technology that is recent (within the last 10 years). Basically, I'm hypothetically working for a company and I need to present them with a research paper stating why or why not this company should use this method/technology. I have to get 3 articles written by scholars to use as sources. My teacher says to use our school's database to find the articles.

Well anyways the only thing I could find that was recent was Mass Cytometry. I was gonna try and write about how it is being used to find cancer cells. I'm having trouble finding articles about this though. I was wondering if anyone else in this forum has any other ideas for a good topic? Something that has been discovered/developed in chemistry in the last 10 years. Also, can anyone help me out with finding articles, either on Mass Cytometry or on another topic? I really need some help getting started.