converting chemical structure to molecular formula

Apr 2016
Hi there,

I don't have a chemistry background, so am struggling a bit with this one. I am required to convert the (shown) molecule to a molecular formula, but i'm not understanding how to do this.

I thought maybe it was as simple as just adding everything up, i.e answer C3H9, but realise C3H9 can't be the right answer. Is it a matter of dropping a Hydrogen due to not having enough bonds on the Carbon, therefore the answer would be C3H8?

I'm just not sure of the process how on to look at the structure given and write the molecular formula for the molecule. Fortunately i'm not the only one in class that is stuck on this too, we really haven't been given clear information on what the process is, everyone else has just moved on from it, but i don't like to move on unless i understand something.

Any help given will be much appreciated.