Creating Ammonium Nitrate

Jun 2019
Heya folks !

I am just gathering information on how to make NO2 oneself. I heard one of the most common methods is to heat up Ammonium Nitrate till it becomes water and the desired laughing gas.

I'm aware laughing gas is pretty common and can even be bought in small quantities for cheap. But I'd just like to know what the process would be to make it buying the fewest things possible.

So anyway, for this purpose, I need Ammonium Nitrate. What would be the easiest way to get some ? Apart from buying it, of course. That ruins the fun !

I've heard you can pair HNaO4S and something like NaNO3 to make some, but I'm not sure of the relevance of such statement. So... does anyone have ideas on how to proceed with this ?

Thanks !