determine small amount methanol in solutions

Sep 2013
i like homebrewing but i don't know how to realize my homemade alcohol is safe even existing small volume of methanol has high risk to make someone blind i have tested my alcohol with red litmus paper but methanol and ethanol bout of them make it blue so this not good method. i added dicromate potasium to methanol but i didn't smell acrid from that sample so i found out it was not good method.pleasetell me a confident method to determine methanol in my homemade alcohol or any other sample.i want to drink that.
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Feb 2013
Testing for methanol

We can disitinguish between methanol and ethanol using the iodoform test which is easy to do without special equipment:
Detecting traces of methanol in a mixture would require more sophisticated methods such as IR spectroscopy. A somewhat simpler method involves reaction between the alcohol and HI: detection_methanol_presence_ethyl_alcohol.pdf?sequence=1
Sep 2013
thank you,you gave two method to distinguish between methanol and ethanol my solution is a homemade alcohol a copmlex of water and ethanol ormaybe METHANOL so thefirst method is confident to recognize amall volume of methanol in my alcohol or it is ok for large volume of methanol i mean first method using idodine and NAOH.
May 2010
Hi melika 444.
There is no danger that you will produce methanol but acetic acid or ethyl acetate are possibillities