DIY C60 Olive Oil

Jun 2018
I am thinking of making my own C60 Olive Oil. However I notice that the C60 Carbon comes in two types to remove impurities – 1) sublimiation. 2) vacuum oven dried. Does anybody know what the difference is and which is more suitable?
This stuff is expensive so if anybody knows of a few suppliers it would be appreciated.
May 2017
Hi p... the different grades relate to how pure the C60 is ...

Standard grade has traces of the solvent used in extracting C60 ...

The more pure and more expensive has very little impurities...

If you are a millionaire then the price difference is relevant , so why not buy the more pure ....

In practice the very small levels of impurity in the cheaper product will almost certainly not matter ....

Sorry I can't be more helpful but there just isn't the research done on the effect of the very low level of this solvent impurity.