Electron configuration questions


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Jul 2013
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After studying the author's highlighted statements again, I think author want to say that for a hydrogen-like electron system, the energies of the subshell depends only on Principal quantum number. e.g. if electron resides in nth subshell,then its energy will be be greater than all the (n-1)th, (n-2)th....1st subshell.i-e $1s<2s=2p<3s=3p=3d<4s=4p=4d=4f...$ and so on.
In your post #2, you mentioned that i should distinguish between Bhor theory and quantum theory. But right now, i don't want to do that. Because i want to study periodic trends in periodic table,Lewis diagrams and structures, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, Acid-Base chemistry and many other topics
In that case, your question has been answered by studiot. If you have a specific querstion on these other topics, please feel free to ask them in another thread.