Heat Capacity

Oct 2013
1. The molar heat capacity is similar to the specific heat, but it is given in units J/mol*degrees Celsius instead of J/g*degrees Celsius. Calculate the molar heat capacity of gold (MW 197.0 g/mol) and water (MW 18.02 g/mol)

2. 1.000 L of boiling water is added to 3.000 L of water at 25.00 degrees Celsius. What will be the final temperature? (Hint, write expressions for heat gained by each with Tf as a variable, and solve for Tf) (( double hit: loosing heat is the same thing as gaining a negative amount of heat.))

3. How many grams of propane would you have to burn to get the water to the boing point in in Example 1?
Example 1 is: 0.800 g of propane (C3H8) is burned in a flame. All the heat released is absorbed by a bucket containing 3.500 kg of water. The temperature of water increases by 2.531 degrees Celsius.
May 2010
heat capacity

1 liter of water @100 C weighs 958 g
3 liter of water @ 25 C weighs 996 *3 =2988g
Wt of mix = 3946g
heat in BW above 25 C 958#75 *4.216 joules
This equals heat in mix above 25 heat in mix
t =43.2 C


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May 2010
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