Help chemistry lab!!

Mar 2019
We did a chemistry lab and have some questions after to submit and I’m really stuck and baffled one a few of them so I’d really appreciate some help and guidance.

5.Is the 2-nitrobenzaldehyde used in this experiment an example of an ortho or para substituted benzene molecule? What does this mean? Why is it important with respect to this experiment?

17. What is the structure of indigo?

16. Describe how indigo dye is fast, and show the leuco and leucoindigo reduction and oxidation process.

25. Cotton fibers are composed of the cellulose polymer (Figure 1.c). Explain why indigo adheres to the cotton fabric so effectively, describing the intermolecular forces involved.

19. Give the common name and draw the structure of another example of an organic dye and state a use for organic dyes other than for colouring fabrics