Help determining state of products

Mar 2019
Hey all-
I'm working on some problems about writing out and balancing chemical equations. I think I understand it pretty well except for determining the physical state of the products. Here's the specific problem I'm stuck on:
solutions of barium chloride and potassium carbonate react to form a barium carbonate and potassium chloride
BaCl2(aq) + K2CO3(aq) -> BaCO3(s) + KCl (?)
Is KCl aqueous because BaCO3 is a solid? Is there a rule of thumb for these reactions? I'm rereading the chapter in my textbook but I'm not seeing an answer. Thank you.
May 2017
Most carbonates are (fairly) insoluble , so the BaCO3 precipitates out , leaving the soluble KCl in solution , search "solubility product "