High spin vs low spin assignment for Vanadyl (acac)2 complex

Oct 2018
I have a question on VO2+ complex. I know that vanadium in VO2+ has +4 oxidation state and it has an unpaired electron in the d-orbital. Based on the notes, they have mentioned that for d4 onwards to d7 has 2 possibilities of arrangement of electrons i.e. high spin and low spin. However, for vanadium in VO2+ only has 1 arrangement since it is d1. It is coordinated with 2 acetylacetone ligands (based on my understanding, it is a weak field ligand), then for the arrangement of electron, does the complex have a high or low spin?
Sep 2018
Just a guess

My personal guess on this would be that the spin does not matter for the VO2+,
The same arrangement arises regardless of the spin state.
(The arrangement is insensitive to spin state).

It seems to me that the higher oxidation states could be more critically balanced
such that the spin state becomes enough to flip the solution between two alternatives.