Homework help - gas laws and stoichiometry!

Nov 2017
A candle is burnt inside a sealed container of oxygen gas with a volume of 1500 cm3 at 25oC. Once the reaction is complete and the container has cooled to 25.0oC, what will the pressure be inside the container? Assume the candle has no volume, that all the oxygen is consumed, that candle wax has the empirical formula CH2 and that all combustion is complete?

The answer is 67.3 kPa, but I can't go about solving this. Thanks.
May 2017
So ....CH2 has combined with O2 , the term "combustion is complete" means the wax has gone to CO2 and water (not a mixture of CO and CO2 and water) .....

CH2 + O2 = CO2 + H2O ... this is the equation without the numbers in front of the compounds .... your first task is to balance this equation ...

Get back to me if you can't ...
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