How to Properly Synthesize Plastic from Keratin (Chicken Feathers)?

Dec 2019
As part of a personal project I'm doing, (not for school!) I am trying to make a bioplastic compound made primarily using keratin. I had an interest in this primarily because the plastic is biodegradable (it's made from chicken feathers) and I wanted to see if I could make any neat little products using the material. I did a good amount of research and found two papers which I am basing my experimentation on, from reputable scientific sources. I will post the methods for them both below:
Keratin powder was used to synthesize a bioplastic film using glycerol (3.5%) in NaOH for 48 h at 60 °C. To prepare the bioplastic film, 250 mg of dried keratin was dissolved in 5 ml of NaOH (2 N) under 300 rpm vigorous agitation at 45 °C. The mixture was poured on petriplate having 10 cm of diameter greased with greasing agent and dried in oven at 60 °C for 48 h. The film was separated from petriplates and stored for the further analysis. The thickness of the bioplastic film can be varied with amount of keratin solution used.
Keratin powder was dissolved in NaOH (1 mg/2 ml 2 N of NaOH) to make it solution form. 60 ml of keratin solution mixed with different concentration of (2, 5, 10 wt%) glycerol. Then, the mixture was mixed under constant magnetic stirring at 60 °C for 5 h. The aliquot were spread over circular aluminum weighing boat with top diameter of 43 mm which was placed in oven at 60 °C for 24 h. After 24 h the mixture checked to make sure it is fully dried and let it cool. Then, aluminum weighing boat was torn to detach bioplastic film from the weighing boat. Bioplastic was then labeled and stored for analysis. This process was repeated with all the concentration of glycerol.
The problem I am experiencing is that the methods described aren't working for me for some reason, either due to personal error (I am a novice) or something else. I've tried using both methods several times so far, with varying results. An example is when I tried method 1, where I slightly changed it by multiplying all the material amounts by 10 (2500mg of keratin instead of 250mg, 50ml of 2N NaOH, 2ml ish glycerol) and instead of resulting in a bendy orange plastic there was a white substance like dry cake icing. I also tried method 2, and it resulted in similar weird results. Honestly I'm just trying to see if someone here could give me a more detailed protocol so I won't be confused on anything, since a slight lack of information and my own ineptitude is probably what's causing me to fail.
The materials I am using for the experiment are as follows: Glycerol, Keratin, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Magnetic stirrer, Hot plate, Measuring beaker, Weighing scale and a Measuring syringe.
Research Paper links:
An efficient conversion of waste feather keratin into ecofriendly bioplastic film
Keratin based bioplastic film from chicken feathers and its characterization
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