In normal phase chromatography...

Dec 2019
In normal phase chromatography, can you use polar eluent? From my notes, it says “polar stationary phase and less polar mobile phase”. So technically as long as your mobile phase is less polar than the stationary, the separation would occur? Is this correct?

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Apr 2015
This selection chart might help.

Liquid quantitative chromatography is a balance between different factors to achieve well defined non overlapping peaks, preferably without significant tails or spread.

This requires good partition between mobile and stationary phases ( often achieved by a large polar difference).
The standard peak preferably arises in a 'gap' in the chromatogram.
The spread of the peak increases as the speed of passage decreases, so a sufficiently fast eluent is required. However yuo may be limited in choice for multicomponent samples as the solvent must carry all of them.

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