incineration process

Aug 2019
Hi everyone. Sorry for the rather grim question, but I'm trying to make sense of a murder case that happened recently in my country(Romania) and I have very little trust in the authorities or the media at this point. Is it possible to burn a human body(15yearld, aprox 110 pounds)), using an aprox 1 meter(40 inches) cylindrical, improvised heater(opened at both ends), using Vaseline and bitumen cardboard? The heater was supposedly placed on some kind of grill. And if so, how long would it take? How messy would it be? How bad would it smell? After 18 hours or less( the girl called the emergency line 3 times and it took the police 16 hours to find her and another 3 to brake in because they were waiting for a search warrant that wasn't even necessary), there were supposedly only calcined bone remains. Again I'm sorry if this violates your community rules, but I don't personally know any chemist.
This is the case I'm referring to
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May 2017
Hi nora ... It's surprisingly easy to dispose of a body .... high temperatures will turn most of it to gas , bones and teeth will be the last to go , turning to whitish dust ...

In crematoriums bodies are reduced this way in a gas fired metal container ... the coffin with body go in , within about 15 mins only the brass coffin handles and ash remains ... smoke will smell , but a tall chimney deals with this , if no chimney as long as your nearest neighbor is 20 meters away he probably wouldn't notice ...

A body could also be burnt on an open fire .... or in a metal container using electricity, in a built up area a charcoal filter could remove smell from gas.