Looking for a chemical formula

Jan 2020
For my chemistry exam, we were asked to memorize the formula of a certain compound, but I'm unable to find it in the book we supposed to study from, or on the internet, or anywhere.
English is not my main language, so I will try to translate it as closely as possible:
The compound is 3-ketobutanoyl-coenzyme A. (3-ketobutanoil-KoA in Hungarian)

My only information about it that its connected to the 'Breakdown of Lipids' and 'Biosynthesis of Lipids'. I just need to know how this compound looks like (the coenzyme A part is less interesting, we dont need to know that in detail, we can just write -S-CoA to where its connected, but I would be interested in the rest of the formule.

Anyone can help me with this one?
Apr 2015
You will have to sort out your ketobutanyl group but here is the Coa structure to which it attaches
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