MDP2P distillation question

Feb 2020
Whitby, Ontario, Canada
So I'm reading the following instructions, on how to distill MDP2P in a vacuum, the problem is, the author forget to mention which flask I would need to be replacing the receiving or beginning flask, if you guys could help me out here that would be phenomenal I'm very new to all this and I don't want to lose all my product at this stage, anyway, here are the instructions I'm have trouble with

Start your vacuum distillation by first turning on your vacuum - if you remembered your boiling stones, then it will begin to boil immediately. This is the DCM coming off first. The boiling may be very vigorous, So watch it, and be prepared to vary the pressure so it won't fly into your receiving flask. Turn on the heat (Hotplate) SLOWLY! and let the temp climb to just over the temp at which safrole came over (SLOWLY: it should take at least 2 hours to reach that temperature - if you do it in under 2 hours you are going WAY to fast). You are going to have to change the flask, when the temp gets to above the safrole temp. This is a bit tricky, because you are going to have to release the vacuum. Release the vacuum at the pump/aspirator and change the flask quickly - you may just dump it out, rinse it once with acetone, or IPA (IsoPropylAlcohol) - and put it back. Start the vacuum immediately, but be careful here, because the Organic layer that you are distilling might jump out of the flask and into the receiving flask - so if you can - vary the vacuum so that the vacuum comes on GRADUALLY! (IE with an aspirator, turn on the water slowly.) The ketone oil is a clear white/yellow hint of green oil. Re-weigh the flask for your yield calculation - you should have over 100g of ketone.
I have bolded the section that I'm having trouble with, which flask am I supposed to empty out? Am I supposed to wash the product with acetone or just the flask? Please let me know, any and all help would be well appreciated, thanks in advance lads.
Apr 2015
You wash the receiving flask out after 'dumping' the contents (ie the first fraction).
I prefer to say place the contents into an appropriate vessel - you shouldn't just 'dump' it down the sink waste.
Also note the washing acetone or IPA should also be appropriately placed.
You then put the washed receiving flask back to receive the second fraction.
Take note of the cautions.
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