Name two enzymes that can synthesize nucleic acids?

Feb 2013
Name two enzymes that can synthesise nucleic acids. Briefly outline the reactions that they catalyse.

Im thinking of rna-polymerase and dna-polymerase? would these be a good choice? This is what i have so far. bear in mind, it only needs to be very brief.

One enzyme that can synthesise nucleic acids is DNA polymerase. It is an enzyme that catalyzes the polymerization of deoxyribonucleotides into a DNA strand. This type of enzyme is best known for its role in DNA replication where the polymerase reads an intact DNA strand and uses it to synthesize the new strand.
During this process, the enzyme copies a piece of DNA allowing the newly polymerized molecule to be identical to the original partner strand. DNA polymerase uses magnesium ions for catalytic activity

Another enzyme that synthesises nucleic acids is RNA polymerase. RNA polymerase is an enzyme the makes RNA copies of DNA. In cells, RNA polymerase is needed to construct RNA chains from DNA genes through a process known as transcription. Control of this process affects patterns of gene expression and as such allows a cell to adapt to a changing environment and to perform specialized roles within an organism – maintaining basic metabolic processes needed for survival.

Is this the sort of thing i need to be writing about?
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