Need help extracting MnO2 & ZnCl2 from solution!

Nov 2018
Hello everyone.

I'm new to the forum (this is actually my first post) and please let me apologize in advance if my question belongs in another part of the forum.

I do possess a solid scientific background (well that's relative... I didn't study science in college, but I am far from the average bloke or high school graduate), but sadly my background is lacking chemistry. I plan to go back to school ASAP.
I have developed a keen interest in this field, and I'm studying chemistry school manuals I bought, all college level but one to review the basics. While my studies progress, I'm still doing experiments, with a particular interest in Hydrometallurgy/Electrolysis, leaching & refining chemicals and elements. One of my childhood fantasy is building a Periodic Table with pure Element samples I will have made.

So! On to my question:

I have opened and gutted two brand new Zinc Carbon (Zinc Chloride as the specs sheet says) D Batteries in order to harvest their Graphite Electrodes, the mostly pure Zinc Metal Casing. Up until now everything's gone smoothly.

Now I have the "Black Mix", which is mostly referred to as Manganese Dioxide by YouTubers, but I actually know it's a mix of MnO2, "Carbon Black" powder, Zinc Chloride and probably H2O.

I would like to find a way to get rid of the Carbon, then extract/leach the Manganese Dioxide and the Zinc Chloride. And if someone could help me get Manganese metal as the end product, that would be even better.

I would really prefer to get an explanation of the chemical processes (with equations) involved, why X compound/method/temperature etc. is needed or preferred than getting a simple "recipe" as an answer. The recipe would be fine, but it wouldn't help me much beyond completing my experiment and what I could deduce.

About Safety. I'm a grown man. Very cautious and I always take the time to meticulously plan and prepare for any task, including reading about and taking the appropriate safety measures. I have no trouble playing with acids...

Actually today I'm going to concentrate some Sulfuric Acid or a batch of Hydrogen Peroxide (3 to 30%).

Thanks again for your help!

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