New here and I already have some question about chlorine gas and water.

Jan 2014
I work for a produce processing place in Southern California. We use Sodium Hypochlorite and Citric Acid in our wash water to sanitize our veggies. Our wash is normally anywhere between 5 to 20 ppm of free Cl2. We run from our own well water here so it is considered "hard" water, since it doesn't go through water softeners. We had an issue with our well so we switched over to "city water". During this period of time we had off gassing issues.

So my question is; could the water source switch have caused this issue, since city water would be considered way cleaner than well water?

My theory is that since city water is way cleaner, the NaClO and Citric Acid reacted more with each other. And when we use well water, the chemicals react more with the water and the "contaminents"(minerals or dirt)
May 2010
Veggie wash

I think the switch to city water has caused your gas issue.Have your well water tested for hardness.If it has some hardness how is that affecting your wash.Re gas you get too much Cl2 using the city water