New user..sodium metasilicate question

Feb 2018
Hello to group..

I ordered and received a screen protector for my new iPad.
It arrived cracked. Holding this item it is extremely light and cracked, it appears like, and feels like acrylic. I wrote to the manufacturer and told them they sent me plastic while the item is marketed as tempered glass. They replied "And here is the reason that this glass screen protector may looks like "plastic":
During the 4.5 hours aging testing, the glass soak in sodium metasilicate, which made the molecular structure different than before. (Higher density then before).
For mobile phone screen protector, since the surface area not big, you will feel it is glass; But for Tablet protector, the surface area much larger, so the higher density may lead you think it is plastic".

I am not a chemist, but have had a few university level courses in chemistry. This does not seem correct.
Is there any truth to this? A few hours research on the net shows nothing of the sort, which I was expecting.
I just would like to confirm this with those who are much more experienced than I am in this.
Thank you in advance for any help you may provide.