Organic Chemistry Problem - Alkanes

May 2014
The product of ethane undergoing dehydrogenation is called:
A) propene
B) methene
C) ethene
D) propane
E) none of the above

I have eliminated A, B, and D. I feel like it could be C. ethene because removing hydrogens would induce the carbons to form a double bond, but I don't know if that is a necessary step. If the carbons don't necessarily form a double bond, the answer would be E.

Does anyone know if dehydrogenation of ethane will always/most likely result in ethene?

Mar 2014
(c) Ethene is correct. The dehydrogenation of ethane will result in the removal of 2 hydrogen atoms, meaning a double bond will form betwen the two carbons. Note that molecular hydrogen (H2) is also produced

CH3CH3 ------> CH2=CH2 + H2

Another important thing to note is that this type of reaction is catalysed by heat (at approx 600°C). For this particular reason it is not generally done in a lab