Organic chemistry questions

Mar 2015
I'm taking organic chemistry online and it's such a struggle. The Powerpoints show examples only of problems with no explanation and I am having a hard time. I am on unit 4 out of 5 so I'm almost done but I'm so confused about a few things:
1. I was asking to draw 3-(1,2-DiChloropropyl)cyclopentene and I know that cyclo means connected in a circle, pent means 5 points on the "circle" and dichloro means 2 chlorine atoms, correct? I also (think) I know that the 1,2 means that one chlorine atom is present on the first "point" of the 5-pointed molecule and the other chlorine atom is present on the second "point" of the 5-pointed molecule. But I am clueless as to what the 3 indicates and I cannot figure out what "propyl" means. So if anyone could draw the molecule and explain it to me it would be so helpful; it would really be what I need to get through this unit because I am stuck since I don't know how to decipher these names!

I also am having trouble figuring out, for example, how to identify what type of molecule one shaped like a hexagon is with -OH at the top of it with no other identifiers. I know I am probably being vague but I'm doing my best since this is all so new to me.

Thanks so much in advance,