Percentages of Soluble To Liquid.

Nov 2017
Hi there. I have an industry based project that requires me to work out (For example) 5% solution of Caustic Soda To an amount of Water (such as 1L etc.) for input into machine sterilization equipment. For example 15% Of Peracetic acid to 300ml of water. Can anybody help as to how I work out these calculations the best way. Regards
May 2017
How do you make 1 liter of 5% caustic soda solution?? 1 liter should be made up from 950cc of water and 50 gms of solid NaOH ... add the solid slowly it liberates heat!

Peracetic acid is a liquid ...for a 15% solution , every 100cc will contain 15cc of the acid dissolved in 85cc of water ...300cc will be 45cc acid in 255cc of water.
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