Physical Chemistry- Units and Dimensions

Apr 2013
Hi everyone,
I just recently started a basic module of physical chemistry in school and I am having a hard time with this one question. Could you please help me? ^^


An orifice meter is used to measure the rate of fluid in pipes. The flow rate is related to the pressure drop by the following equation:

u = c * sqrt( delta P / ρ )

u is the velocity,
delta P is the pressure drop ( force per unit area ),
ρ is the density, and
c is a constant.

What are the units of c in SI system of units?

Ans: 1

I'd really appreciate an explained and worked out solution if possible.
Thanks in advance! :D
Apr 2013
Oh, and this is what I roughly tried to do but where I kept getting stuck. (In the picture attached - I hope its clear.)