Plastic Containers and Pickling Vegetables

Oct 2013
I don't know if this question is valid in these forums.
If it is I don't know that this is correct part.

I guess the moderators will sort me out on it.

What my wife wants to do is pickle cabbage and cauliflower
She has trouble finding appropriate receptacles both for the processing and the keeping of the finished product.

Apparently you shouldn't use metal.

Currently she's got a couple of large garden 'planters' - pots. But, of course, they have drainage holes in the bottom. So they'll need plugging. With some material or other.

So I thought of the ubiquitous white plastic storage containers available everywhere nowadays. They'd be good? But she says 'no plastic'.

So I have come here to ask chemists.

Are those plastic containers suitable for pickling vegies in? The pickle, I believe, is a mixture of vinegar, water and spices or sometimes even merely salt and water.

Or is glass the only thing?

I realise there's different kinds of plastics but I honestly don't know what kind those containers are. Hopefully all the chemists out there have no trouble with that.

Please help if you can.

Before we poison ourselves or some other disaster...