Please Help With An Electrochemical Calculation.

Jan 2014

Please help me with this, I greatly appreciate any assitance;

An electrochemical cell is given, one containing an 0.1M CuSO4 solution and the other one containing an 0.1M ZnSO4 solution.

Then, the Cu ion concentration is decreased by adding an Ammonia solution NH4OH into the CuSO4 cell, this triggers the following reaction:

Cu{2+} (aq) + 4NH4OH <---> Cu(NH3)4{2+} + 4H2O

{+} denotes charge.

The reaction above decreases the Cu concentration since the complex ion Cu(NH3)4{2+} does not participate in the overall redox reaction of the cell.

If the volume of each of the solutions (CuSO4, ZnSO4) is 100 cubic centimeters, calculate the Voltage of the cell after 5 ml of 5M NH4OH are added to the CuSO4 cell..?

Thank you very much!!
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