Please help with my 3d Printing process

Feb 2018
hello, i hope this is ok to post here, if not any help pointing me in the right direction would be great.

first off let me explain what i do, im a modelmaker, i own a small modelmaking company that does allot of 3d printing and vacuum casting. anyone who is interested you can check out the website
now the Printer that i have , in order to biuld things uses a wax support structure to support the parts while they are biult. this is then melted and cleaned off afterwards. therein lies the issue. currently what we do as per the manufactureers recomendations is to melt the wax off in an oven. them the parts go into a heated oil bath in and ultrqasonic cleaner to remove the rest of the wax. the oil we currently use is normal cooking oil. after that we put the parts into a bath of IPA in order to remove the oil. we have been doing this for a few years for the most part without insident but there are a few niggly things that makes me think we can improve on this process.

first off the main issue and why i came here is the oil bath in the ultrasonic. talking to the untrasonic manufactures the oil we use is to viscous for the cleaner to really do its job. this can result at times in the wax not being removed effectivly, esspetially on parts with little nooks and small details where the wax can become trapped. what happens in this case is that the oil mixes with the oil a little bit and is left on the serface. this can be a disaster as for some reason this mixture inhibits the curing of our addition based silicone that we use in mould making.

So My question, is there a better less viscous oil that i could use in this process? it needs to be readilly available, as close to water in terms as its viscosity as possible. but also safe to handle.

i would also be open to any other suggestions with regards to this process if anyone has any ideas that im unaware of. anything to make the process better, cheaper, safer or better.

My Many thanks in advance for any help on this subject.
Mar 2018
Bucharest Romania
Various mineral oils should have lesser viscosity then regular cooking oil...try researching that.