Recommended Solvent for removal of Silicone residue from Molded Polyurethane parts.

Aug 2018
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
I am using a release agent for polyurethane resin moulded parts.
The release agent is a solution of silicone (oil?) in Heptane, Petroleum Naptha and an Aliphatic Solvent. Classic.pdf

Could someone advise a solvent that would remove the silicone residue from the finished moulded part?

I have been recommended that high Alkaline cleaning products will work, but have had limited success in removing the release agent.

If anyone with any experience with silicone could offer any advice, I would appreciate it.

I am assuming that it would be best to use the same solvent that the silicone is suspended in, but I am not sure how to source Heptane or Petroleum Naptha.

What readily available solvents or cleaning products would be recommended.

The manufacturer of the stuff is rather vague on how to remove their product.

Thanks in Advance...