Red flame solution

Sep 2017
far north

Im new to this forum and i will be greatful if someone could help me with my questions.

I dont know much about chemistry but my mission is to mix a liquid fuel that burns with a red flame and it cant be too toxic or highly flammable.

So i have to mix a fuel that burns with a non yellow flame with a salt of lithium that is soluble in that fuel.

Maybe i can use one of this as fuel/solvent?

* Propylene glycol
* Tripropylene glycol
* Ethylene glycol (too toxic, can not use)
* Triethylene glycol
* Glycerol

Maybe i can use one of this as a solute?

* Lithium Nitrate
* Lithium Acetylacetonate
* Lithium Sulfide
* Lithium Iodide
* Lithium Acetate
* Lithium Sulfate / monohydrate
* Lithium Perchlorate
* Lithium Bromide
* Lithium Chloride (can not use, fouling of wick)

I have tried solutions of propylene glycol with lithium chloride but the light went out because the wick got dirty very quickly.
Also tried propylene glycol with lithium bromide but i think it was not very soluble?

Grateful for any help.
Thank you.
May 2017
Putting the lithium compound in the fuel may not be the best way to do this ...

You mention a 'wic' , so I guess you are using an oil type lamp ...

You could melt the lithium chloride into a solid piece and have the flame play over it...

I think the hotter the flame , the more pronounced the effect . An oil lamp flame is not too hot