removing injectors from engine

Jul 2019
Hi everyone

Thanks for letting me join your forum and firstly a confession.

I was never really that good at chemistry at school (i found it one step removed from magic) but i have a problem that might be solved by chemistry so i thought i would try here.

Modern cars (particularly diesels) have problems with the steel fuel injectors becoming locked in place in the aluminion head by a combination of corrosion and (i suspect) heat welding.

They should pull straight out of the top of the engine but instead they manage to bond themselves so tight they can withstand literally tons of pressure trying to remove them.

The only thing i have seen similar strength is cold baked beans (after no one has washed up for two weeks).

But anyway i wonder if anyone has any ideas for any chemical (or chemical combination) that could possibly aid removal.

WD40 and similar fluids have minimal to no effect.

Or has anyone got any other ideas of how they could be removed, i have considered trying to apply vibration (as steel and aluminion would oscillate with different rhythms) but have no idea how to apply the vibration which makes that plan a bit of a none starter.

Very grateful for any help or advice you could give me