simple entropy Q HELP!

Oct 2013
Hi guys! This is my first time posting here. I'm currently studying chemistry and have questions about entropy.

First, I want to check a few things that I know of entropy. Please correct me if I know it wrong.
-it increases when solid->liquid->gas
-it increases when breaking the bond
-it increases when more moles

and the questions is
when I2(s) + Cl2(g) →← 2ICl(g), enthalpy change(H) for the formation of ICl is +18.0 kJ/mol and G is -5.4 kJ/mol.

Is the forward or reverse reaction favored by the entropy factor?
The answer is forward reaction.

What does "favored by the entropy factor" mean exactly? Does it mean which direction does entropy increase? if so, I thought reverse reaction is the direction in which entropy increases because, as I said earlier, I thought breaking bond means increasing of entropy.

Any comment and help would be appreciated. Please help me guys!