What can I do with TiO2(titanium (IV) oxide)?

Jan 2020
I have tried to make photovoltaic cell and I needed TiO2, I bought 1kg and I have no idea how to use the rest :) I was thinking of extracting titanium but is complicated and dangerous so I am asking you guys what compounds can I make and will be usefull for home lab :) I was thinking of heating up it to change oxidation state but the problems are 1. I dont know if it will react 2. How to separate oxides :)
So yeah, I need help with that. Btw I study at university(not chemistry tho but bio sciences) so I would have access to lab but Id like to do it at home
Apr 2015
Pity you are not studying art.

You could mix it with linseed oil ank make some paint.

Titanium dioxide has long been used as a white pigment in artists oils.
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Sep 2018
Metal oxides, in general, tend to be very stable
They typically require quite extreme conditions to encourage them to react
(very high temperatures and very aggressive chemical reactants)

I don't think that there is much you can really do (chemically) with Titanium Dioxide in a home environment.

Titanium Oxide is one of the whitest compounds available (hence its use in "brilliant white" paints)
i.e. it is highly reflective
I can imagine that there could be a few scenarios (e.g.in the garden greenhouse)
where having a surface which does not absorb much sunlight might be useful.
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