Why oil cannot get sprayed and dispersed while water can?

Oct 2017
Why oil cannot get sprayed and dispersed if it's put in glass cleaner sprayer and the spray knob is pressed, while the water will be?
The knob would feel very hard if being pressed.
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May 2017
This is to do with Viscosity

Viscosity is a measure of how thick a fluid is ... put the fluid in a container and drop a small steel ball in it ....

Honey is very viscous , the ball will take many seconds to reach the bottom ...

Oil is less viscous , the ball will fall more quickly .... water is not very viscous ...alcohol is even less viscous and the ball will fall quickly ....

High Viscosity fluids do not move easily through narrow tubes or small holes , and also do not break up into small droplets as is needed for spraying .

If you dissolve the oil in alcohol this will allow it to be sprayed.